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Parents with Newborn Baby
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Mindful Natal


I am a member of Mindful Natal®, and I teach group and private courses in and around Bath, Malmesbury, Cirencester, Chippenham, Swindon, and on Zoom.

Dubbed by past clients as “a modern alternative to NCT” Mindful Natal® is changing the landscape of antenatal education by being the only course provider to support parents throughout pregnancy through to the first year post-birth. 

Mindful Birth courses are for all births choices and all paths to parenthood - we are the first fully inclusive course provider that offers live support from the 1st to the 4th trimester. 

The Course Includes:

9.5 hours of ‘live’ learning

A printed Mindful Birth course guide

Affirmation card pack

Relaxation audios

Birth preference sheets

Extensive online resource library covering all aspects of pregnancy care


Choose a format that suits you best: In a group or privately and in person or on Zoom. Taking your Mindful Birth course with me means that you automatically gain access to the one-of-a-kind support package called The Parent Hub, worth at least £850*.

Pregnahub includes:

  • WhatsApp support from your teacher for any questions about your personal pregnancy situation, right up until you meet baby.

  • Weekly recorded Pregnancy Yoga on Zoom.

  • Monthly recorded Pregnancy Relaxation/Hypnobirthing practice sessions on Zoom.

  • ‘Ask the midwife’ chat group.

  • An e-Learning Zone with on-demand videos covering:

    • Birth Recovery.

    • Newborn feeding (colostrum harvesting, breast, bottle and pumping).

    • Baby sleep.

    • Baby first aid.

    • Introducing baby to siblings.

    • Introducing baby to pets.

    • Carriers and slings.

    • Bringing baby home- what you need to know / prepare.

    • Bonding with baby.

    • Parent mental health.

    • Weaning.

    • Choosing childcare.

We keep the courses small so there is a minimum of 2 families and a maximum 6 families per course – the cost is for 2 people per booking, birth partners are encouraged to join too.

When should I book a course?

We recommend you book your course for around 22-30 weeks of your pregnancy, but you can access the Parent Hub any time from 12 weeks, so book as early as you can to give you as much benefit on the Parent Hub before your course begins later in your pregnancy.

What is included in the content of the course?

Vaginal Birth Preference

Taking out the unknowns and using Mindful Birth hypnobirthing:


  • The science behind the mind body connection and the hormones and muscles of birth.

  • What you can control vs what you can’t control and how to overcome feelings of anxiety.

  • Learn how to stay calm and in control for all births using mindfulness and hypnobirthing tools and techniques.

  • The stages of labour.

  • Optimising your birth space.

  • What to pack in your birth bag.

Your options:

  • Birth place options.

  • Your birth team including your birth partner/s and care team options.

  • Comfort measures and medicated pain relief options.

  • Induction methods and what your options are.

  • Assisted birth including forceps, ventouse, episiotomy.

  • Unplanned caesarean abdominal birth.

  • Navigating unexpected turns.

  • Making informed decisions about your birth.

  • Writing birth preferences for all scenarios.

Postnatal recovery

  • What to expect and how to prepare.

  • How others can support you.

Abdominal Birth Preference

Taking out the unknowns and using Mindful Birth hypnobirthing:

  • The science behind the mind body connection and the hormones of parenthood

  • What you can control vs what you can’t control and how to overcome feelings of anxiety

  • The day you meet baby, a step-by-step walk through on what to expect and how to prepare

  • What to pack in your hospital bag

  • How to stay calm and in control using mindfulness tools and techniques

Your options:

  • Making your environment oxytocin friendly during pregnancy, the birth and postnatally too

  • Navigating unexpected turns including going into labour before the planned birth date

  • Writing your birth preferences and communicating them with your care providers

Postnatal recovery

  • What to expect and how to prepare

  • How others can support you

Course Dates - Coming Soon

In addition, there is a 1.5 hour postnatal planning session; you can choose which one you attend as they run monthly on the first Tuesday of each month, bookable within the Parent Hub once you have access.

You can read more about the mindful birth courses I run, and the full support packages here:

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The course + package costs are:

Group course option (9.5 hours total live learning time)

  • £384 (includes the in-person group course, and full package)

  • This is bookable via the direct links above against the course dates, or via this link and filling out your postcode and due time, then choosing the best course date for you.

Private course option (7.5 hours total live learning time)

  • £499 (includes the in-person or Zoom 1:1 course, and full Parent Hub package)

  • This is bookable directly with me, via this form.

*Estimated £850 is based on a parent signing up to an in-person group course at 20 weeks of pregnancy and utilizing the weekly pregnancy yoga sessions, 10 postnatal yoga sessions, the 1:1 postnatal doula session, plus the value of the online video course content, 5 relaxation sessions and the moderated community. This could be worth over £1000 if you join earlier than 20 weeks pregnant.

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